iOT Mobi App

The smart calling app
with super low call rates to any number in the world

Your own roaming Number

Your number is contactable from anywhere in the world and can be used across borders with no extra fees

Coolest features ever

Video calling, call transfer, VoiceMail to email, call waiting, free app to app calling

Stay Connected

Top up and view balance in app, phone contact list integration, keeping you connected

Get iOT Mobi App
sign up and start calling in minutes

Zero start up fees, Zero contracts, Zero fuss

R27 per month subscription will get you

iOT Mobi app, a voice account and telephone number, ready to make and receive calls

A roaming number

Your own number to make and receive calls. Available from anywhere in the world without any additional charges

Easy to manage

Simple steps to View and TOP UP your balance in app 

Lets get you connected and save you money

Simple and easy to instal and use with super low calling rates

Access to Support

Enjoy immediate access to our Knowledge-Base and support by ticket managed by super a helpful team 

Additional Features

Topping up is easy

Top up in app is real quick and simple


Manage your own inbox and retrieve in app

Call transfer

Transfer your call to any number with ease

Conference call

Invite a number of people into one conference call

Mobi app options and rates

Cheapest way to call anywhere in the world

Zero start up fees, Zero contracts, Zero fuss



Billed monthly @ R27 per month

Includes your number

and voice account

Purchase call credit in-App
Quick and Simple
Purchase additional numbers

Call Rates

RSA Mobile – 37 cents per minute

RSA Landline – 27 cents per minute

RSA other – 47 cents per minute

billed per second

Mobi App Call Rates

RSA Mobile @ 37 cents

RSA landline @ 27 cents

USA Flat @ 47 cents

UK Mobile @ 47 cents

UK landline @ 15 cents

Germany Mobile @ 47 cents

Germany landline @ 15 cents


Calling Mobi App to Mobi App is free


migrate landlines to Mobi App


topping up your balance is quick and easy